About Us

our mission
SFC works to ensure that Massachusetts invests the resources needed for all children, from birth to age five, to access high-quality early education programs that prepare them for success in school and life.

Massachusetts will stand out as a leader among states for its effective implementation of early learning systems that prepare its youngest citizens for success in school.

To achieve our vision, we...

  • develop and monitor policy for impact
    In partnership with practitioners and policymakers, we advance and monitor research-based public policies, with an emphasis on state policy, budget, and legislation. We advocate for smart, effective, and accountable investment of public and private funds, and serve as a resource on early education to elected officials and candidates for office.
  • build sustained awareness and support through intentional media/outreach
    Our earned media work has resulted in more than 150 positive editorials and has positioned us as a resource for the press. Our Eye on Early Education blog is one of few early education blogs with a significant national presence. We stimulate conversation on Twitter and Facebook to build a grassroots movement for children.
  • strengthen community delivery systems
    We serve as thought partners to local communities across the state, working to improve their early learning delivery systems in order to achieve improved outcomes and effective local coordination. We help align local efforts with state policy and established research.
  • inform and advance the national movement
    We help to lead and participate in multiple networks to advance policies at the federal level, learn best practices from other states, and bring new knowledge and resources to Massachusetts. In partnership with the Massachusetts Congressional delegation, we advocate for increased federal early education funding. We are frequently asked to provide technical assistance and consulting services to advocacy and philanthropic groups in other states.
As an independent, nonprofit advocacy organization Strategies for Children does not receive state or federal funding for any of its work. We are funded by philanthropic foundations, grants and individual donors. Learn more about how to donate to support our mission.
400 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02110                                                                                    info@strategiesforchildren.org