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    AUGUST 2015
A Plan for Expanding Pre-K in Massachusetts

On Wednesday, September 16th, 2015, the Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Committee on Education will hold a hearing for all bills related to early education and care. Among these is “An Act Ensuring High Quality Pre-Kindergarten Education.”

Supported by the “Pre-K for MA” Coalition, which is being led by Strategies for Children (SFC) and Stand for Children Massachusetts, the bill calls on Massachusetts to follow in New Jersey’s footsteps and create high-quality pre-K programs for preschool aged children who live in underperforming school districts. The bill was filed by Representative Alice Peisch (D-Wellesley) and Senator Sal DiDomenico (D-Everett).

We see the bill’s targeted, phased-in approach as getting us closer to our ultimate vision of high-quality early education for children in Massachusetts. Read More.
Governor Signs FY16 State Budget  

On Friday, July 17, Governor Baker signed the FY16 state budget into law, but first made $162 million in line-item vetoes. These vetoes included a $5 million reduction to early education and care programs, and a $17.59 million reduction to full-day kindergarten grants.

On July 29, both the MA House of Representatives and the Senate met and voted to override almost 90 vetoes and restored $97 million—including funding for Full-Day Kindergarten Expansion Grants—to the fiscal 2016 state budget that was cut by Governor Baker.

Visit our state budget webpage for a final listing of how early education and care programs fared in the FY16 state budget.

Vetoes and overrides aside, FY16 is the third straight year that the state has increased investments in early education and care. Let’s keep the momentum going in the right direction.

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How to pick the right preschool for your child:  

Alice Peisch @RepAlicePeisch – Jul. 31
Overjoyed by the unanimous support from the #maleg to override cuts made to the #kindergarten expansion grant #mapoli

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Congrats to @aecfkidscount on the 2015 #Databook! How are children doing in your state?

Mike Herschenfeld @MrMikeHersh – Jul. 17
#LawrenceMA has filled 75/140 seats for all day (8am-4pm) all year (8/15-8/16) #PreK @MassEarlyEdCare @EarlyEd4All

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@MassGovernor appoints @hgse prof Dr. Nonie Lesaux to Chair, Board of Early Education and Care …

Paul Reville @PaulReville – Jul. 8
Here’s my latest commentary in @educationweek, “Why We Fail to Address the Achievement Gap”:



notes from Amy

As we gear up for the legislative hearing on September 16, I have been reflecting on where we have been.  We filed our first bill, An Act Establishing Early Education for All, in December 2002 and have been working since then to help more children get access to high-quality early education. 

We put our ultimate vision out there – universal access for all young children in the Commonwealth.  And while we continue to hold this larger vision, we have adjusted our strategy for this legislative session. 

“An Act Ensuring High Quality Pre-Kindergarten Education” provides a targeted, phased-in plan for providing state funded pre-kindergarten to preschool aged children through a mixed delivery system with prioritization based on school district accountability status and rates of third grade reading proficiency.  It is a first step in achieving our vision. 

There are many ways to show your support.

Let us know if you plan on attending the hearing, are interested in submitting written testimony or visiting your legislators at the State House on September 16. 

You can also send a message to legislators asking them to support this important legislation and add your name as a Voice of Support.
Please let me know if you need additional information or have questions.

Thank you for your leadership.


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Strategies for Children works to ensure that Massachusetts invests the resources needed for all children, from birth to age five, to access high-quality early education programs that prepare them for success in school and life.